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Hey There.
 I'm Michelle.

I like things a little bit different. I hope that's ok.
Not to worry though... we'll have some fun along the way

➡️I help entrepreneurs & business owners create content and social media strategies that grow their audience and bring in the money.

➡️give energy back to entrepreneurs living with chronic illnesses so they can achieve their dreams through my 
Soteria membership

I work with businesses to implement leadership training and resources that will support their employees living with chronic illness and help retain more of their workforce.

Why Choose us

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Let me tell you about the my health
 journey and all that I've been through.
Hopefully, it will inspire you.
My Story
Things I like

Let me share
my favorite things
with you!


Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.


Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.

What I'm good at

Just a few of my specialties...


Content is pretty much my bread and butter. I'm obsessed about content. I've studied copywriting techniques and have worked with the TOP experts in the world. My content process will grow your brand and make you money.

1:1 Social media consultant

Whether you're just starting out in social media or need some help in finetuning your skills, I've developed a process to take you from beginner to expert in 8 short weeks.

Chronic Illness support

I recently launched a membership that is very close to my soul. Soteria is a virtual community that provides super simple resources to support those living with a chronic illness. We've got a planner, playlist, brain fog and chronic pain tips, bi-weekly health checkins and MORE.

Chronic Illness corporate workshops

I recently launched a membership that is very close to my soul. Soteria is a virtual community that provides super simple resources to support those living with a chronic illness. We've got a planner, playlist, brain fog and chronic pain tips, bi-weekly health checkins and MORE.

I Don't Mean to Brag, But...

"Michelle has been great to work with. She understands social media, how to manage & optimize it, and ultimately how to improve a business' online presence. She is very easy to work with & understanding as well which is important to me. I would definitely recommend Michelle Virog to anyone looking for these services."

Arman Iranpour
Executive Director at Leo Prestte

"One of the strongest women I've ever met! Michelle Virog is such a massive inspiration!"

Desislava Dobreva
Branding Queen featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost

"Michelle is great to work with, always pleasant and professional."

Christine Thiessen
Digital Marketing Agency Owner

"Michelle is extremely sweet and easy to work with. She helped us with content for our Facebook Group that was we were able to use to build and scale on!"

Jake Grant
Advisor at Traffic and Funnels

 "I've really learned a lot about myself and why certain things haven't been working. Thank you so much, Michelle, for doing what you are doing. I have really connected with your style and it's so easy!" 

Stacey Waine
Astrologist & Psychic Coach

 "Last week, I took your advice and created a Facebook group. After 1 week of launching my Facebook group, we have 131 members and it's super engaged! Thanks for the push on the Mastermind Call!

Jessica Lea Korff
Award-Winnipeg Photographer & Owner/Photographer at REfashioned Magazine

 "The information I've learned, I was able to implement quickly and it has made a difference within my  business.  Most people will give techniques and tell you it takes time to get results, but that in not the case with the Personal Branding HUB. I saw results after making a few changes that were easy to do!" 

Theresa Johnson
Creator of Osiria Natural Products

 "Any friends struggling with business marketing or social media issues and looking for high quality tips on things like getting new leads, how to build your network or connect with like-minded business partners, clients and customers? I would highly suggest Michelle Virog. I can honestly say the value she provides compared to the price is unbelievable!." 

Dixie Norman
Women Self Improvement Coach

 "Michelle has helped me so much in enhancing my social media skills!" 

Kathy Taylor-Hallick
Travel Agent

 "Michelle effortlessly understood my business and it's needs by asking a few potent questions. She swiftly jumped into action and built me a 30 day social media game plan which took all the weight and responsibility off my shoulders, so I could focus my energy elsewhere to grow my business. Thank you for your expertise, Michelle! Your work rocks!" 

Matthew Cooke
Partner at Evolution, CEO & Founder at Body-Based Breakthrough

"I've found working with Michelle to be a privilege and a pleasure She's thoroughly dedicated to the task at hand and always does her best to keep client's needs (and the quality of her work) in mind and up front. She's a great asset to a team and I would definitely recommend Michelle as someone who puts a great amount of effort into projects and initiatives she's a part of!" 

Dean Love
Senior Trainor at DMT Development Systems Group

 "Your program: excellent content, great community spirit and helpful support. I'm a big fan and hope you grow with joy!!" 

Joyce Brown
Interior Designer

 "Michelle, I'm so please to find you! I'm enjoying your content, all your questions and especially how you honour every part of you right in front of everyone. So freaking refreshing!

Jessica Lea Korff
Award-Winnipeg Photographer & Owner/Photographer at REfashioned Magazine

 "You did it! You fucking did it! You are an absolute visionary. You are about to be... SO SUCCESSFUL!"

Theresa Johnson
Creator of Osiria Natural Products

 Michelle has taken the headache out of my business and given me a solution that is easy for me to implement! I'd sit for hours and stare out of my window trying to think about what is valuable to my clients and my target market and what I can write/talk about and I'd end up with the same, empty pages and thinking... I've already talked about this. With Michelle's help, she's made it so easy that now I can't STOP creating content. Thanks, Michelle, you've saved plenty of brain cells to do what they are made for!" 

Monique Lindner
High Performance Coach and creator of the T.I.M.E. Method

  "Michelle made content creation SO EASY for me! I now understand EXACTLY what I need to post every single day and what types of posts to create. I highly recommend working with Michelle if you get the chance!"  

Chris O'Byrne
Owner at JetLaunch

 ""Michelle was prepared, to the point and patient, walking me through the changes she suggested for my Social Media. She also showed me a few helpful tips on my mobile, it was fun and easy working with her."." 

Cheron Long-Landes
Reiki Master & Healer

 "Michelle has been great to work with. She's helped me with making sure my branding is consistent throughout all my platforms, she's taught be a lot about social media and using Canva. I can't WAIT to work with her inside her membership!" 

Alistair Hopper
Owner and Personal Trainer at Flex Fitness

Does this sound familiar?

  • Limited physical and mental energy: Chronic conditions can often result in fatigue, pain, and other physical or mental symptoms that may limit the energy and stamina of entrepreneurs. This can impact their ability to work long hours, meet deadlines, or handle the physical demands of running a business. 
  • Reduced productivity: Managing a chronic condition may require frequent medical appointments, treatments, or self-care routines, which can take time away from business operations and reduce overall productivity. Entrepreneurs may struggle to balance their health needs with the demands of running a business, leading to decreased efficiency.  
  • Financial strain: Chronic conditions can result in increased medical expenses, such as medications, treatments, and therapies, which can add financial burden to entrepreneurs. The cost of healthcare and potential loss of income due to decreased productivity or inability to work at full capacity may impact their financial stability and business resources.
  • Uncertainty and unpredictability: Chronic conditions can be unpredictable, with symptoms or flare-ups that may disrupt business plans or require sudden adjustments. Entrepreneurs may face uncertainty about their health, which can affect their ability to make long-term business decisions or commitments. 
  • Social isolation: Chronic conditions may limit an entrepreneur's ability to engage in social activities, networking events, or travel for business purposes, which can lead to social isolation. This may impact their ability to build relationships, expand their network, or develop partnerships, which are important for business growth.  
  • Stigma and discrimination: Entrepreneurs living with a chronic condition may face stigma or discrimination in the workplace, including negative assumptions about their capabilities or concerns about their reliability. This can affect their self-esteem, confidence, and opportunities in the business world. 
  • Mental health challenges: Chronic conditions can impact an entrepreneur's mental health, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. These can affect their ability to cope with the demands of running a business, make decisions, or manage stress effectively. 
  • Lack of support: Entrepreneurs with chronic conditions may struggle with finding adequate support systems, including understanding employees, partners, or mentors who can provide guidance and assistance. This can make it challenging to manage the complexities of running a business while dealing with a chronic condition.
  • Balancing self-care and business needs: Entrepreneurs may face challenges in finding a balance between taking care of their health needs and managing the demands of their business. They may need to prioritize self-care, which can require time, effort, and resources, while also ensuring the smooth functioning of their business.  
  • Legal and regulatory challenges: Entrepreneurs with chronic conditions may face legal and regulatory challenges related to accommodations, accessibility, or insurance coverage. This can add additional complexity and stress to their business operations, requiring them to navigate through various legal and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance.

If You Answered YES to Any of the Above...
Welcome, Friend. You're in the right place.

I am unwavering in my mission to help entrepreneurs, business owners & podcasters build a profitable personal brand with confidence and simple steps.

My Secret Social Method walks you through step-by-step on how to go from a nobody on social media to a respected expert and mentor that your audience and clients respect - even if you have NO CLUE on how to get started.

Building a powerful personal brand builds trust between you and your audience so that you can increase your prices and position you as the go-to authority in your industry.

I've worked with hundreds of small business owners, podcasters and online entrepreneurs, just like YOU, who are ready to get noticed in the online world. 

Ways to Work with Me

Some people find that they need more help and would rather get high quality 1:1 guidance specifically tailored to their business. This program is quite limited and I'm extremely specific about who I work with - so this is by application only.

My membership is #1 option most my clients take advantage of. Not only do you have access to me, you'll have access to my Secret Social Method and 60+ trainings, workbook, calls and more!

Do you have a team of people that you'd like to train on how to use Social Media, create content and/or build their online brand? We can work together on creating a custom workshop with resources and support to train your group.

Because social media should be fun!